Monday, September 14, 2015

My Take on Fact, Faith, and Fiction

Is it wrong to believe?  To believe in ghosts, the supernatural, UFOs, or other unworldly (or maybe I should say otherworldly) things?  Unexplained happenings occur every day.  Some of them are spooky, some are strange, some are just unexplainable because we don’t know how they happened.  That doesn’t mean that I believe that every time something that is difficult to explain means that it’s something supernatural.  Quite the contrary.  I’m a very logical person and the left side of my brain always tells me there is a perfectly rational reason for it – I just don’t know what it is – but I want to dig deeper and figure it out.  The creative side of my brain however, guides me down that road less traveled and urges me to stop trying to fit all of the pegs into the round or square holes, because some of those pegs are actually octagonal, or multi dimensional  and just won’t fit and I just need to accept it.  It’s that battle between my right and left brain that makes this topic so intriguing to me.

So, are those little streaks of light in the photos presented in the previous post spirits or shafts of light refracted by the camera lens?  Who knows?  The logical part of my brain says it’s just the way the camera lens caught the sunlight seeping into the alley through the tree limbs, and the ambient light that surrounded the graveyard.  But the left side of my brain wants to have fun, wants to believe.  Now tell me, wasn't Christmas much more magical when you believed in Santa Claus?  And just because you don’t believe anymore, does it mean he never really ever existed?  Maybe, ghosts and other supernatural or unexplained things are like Santa.  They exist; they just don’t visit those who no longer believe.  Let the two sides of your brain fight that one out.  And if in the end, the logical side wins, what harm is done by letting the creative side think differently?  Just think back to when you did believe and what a wonder it was on Christmas Eve.


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  1. Life is much more fulfilling when we believe in the possibility of those things which we cannot prove. How sad would our existence be if there was no hope of an afterlife because our brains could not prove it. Without faith in the spiritual, unnatural or perhaps unexplained worlds, our lives are pointless, bland and merely an exercise of daily living leading to nothing. Belief and faith makes us whole.