Friday, October 14, 2016

Ansonborough Inn Ghost Returns

A Charleston dream? Or was it real?

I recently experienced a jolt in my sweet slumber that left me shaken and completely unsure of what had just happened.  This occurred a few weeks after I had watched a video about a terrifying paranormal event someone had experienced at the Ansonborough Inn in Charleston, SC several years ago.

I was fascinated by that video as I too had spent several nights at that particular Inn not long ago. The person in this video had experienced a harsh awakening in the middle of the night by an unknown presence and had been visibly shaken by the intense feeling of fear that had engulfed him.  He was convinced it was a supernatural being that had visited him.  The story continued that he had possibly been visited by a Confederate soldier after a trip to one of the downtown graveyards he had taken earlier that day.

I decided to delve a little deeper into the history of Charleston and the Ansonborough Inn.  I spent several hours perusing websites and looking through several books I had on hand to see if I could find anything out.  Finally my sleepiness overtook me and I went to bed.

About 5 am, I awoke to a terrible feeling of being watched.  I got up, went into the bathroom and returned to my bed sure that it was just a dream.  I drifted back into sleep.  In my dreams there were the usual family and work related themes that we all seem to dream of.  But all of a sudden there was a woman who turned toward me then came rushing towards me.  I was grabbed and literally felt shaken and tossed around.  It was violent and unexpected. I had never experienced anything like this before. I awoke trembling and scared.  I knew in my head it was just a dream but it seemed different and there was visible evidence that something had happened.  The next day I had several bruises I had not been aware of.

Again - I know it was just a dream and possibly those bruises had occurred after working out or cleaning the house but it was unsettling and gave me pause.  Had I disturbed some presence looking deeper into the history of the Ansonborough Inn?