Friday, May 26, 2017

Bethabara God's Acre

Moravian Cemetery in Winston-Salem, NC

     This post is a long time coming.  For some reason we kept forgetting to write it up, perhaps due to our excitement over catching an unexplained digital image in the Moravian Cemetery called Bathabara God’s Acre, in Winston-Salem, NC.  This particular cemetery has come to be an annual retreat every Halloween for the past several years.  The cemetery itself is nestled atop a hill over a sprawling tract of land that was a Moravian settlement established in 1753.  Each time we visit this cemetery we get unexplained EMF spikes, experience eerie feelings, see extraordinary sights, and record sudden changes in temperature.  This is one of the most active sites that we have visited.  Although we have never received any intelligent communication from any unknown entities, we did capture a compelling photographic image this past October on our annual visit. 

     Before getting to that, let me tell you about some past experiences in this delightful little burial ground.  We stumbled across it quite unexpectedly one day while visiting Bathabara Park several years ago.  We followed a trail up a hill, and to our delight, we stumbled across God’s Acre.  We spent some time exploring the cemetery and both of us sensed an odd feeling at one section of the cemetery just near the path from where we entered.  Since then, we have had that same feeling, a feeling that something is about to happen, whenever we stop near that same path.  We have also recorded numerous EMF spikes in this area of the cemetery.  We decided to return on Halloween night and have done so every Halloween since.

     On our first Halloween visit we encountered a group of cloaked individuals, all in black, who appeared to be conducting some ceremony of sorts in the cemetery.  We walked around and never interacted with them, but the feeling was something I cannot describe beyond saying it was one of unease and discomfort.  As we exited the cemetery on that first Halloween visit, two of the individuals from the group were walking ahead of us on the tree lined path to the parking lot.  I snapped a quick photo of them as they walked ahead of us about 30 yards or so. Later that evening we reviewed the photos we took and nothing stood out except for one photo which was eerily out of focus – the one I took of the two individuals on our way back to the car.  Perhaps it was user error, but it was strange to find that all the photos I took that evening were crystal clear, except for that one. 

    On other trips we have detected EMF spikes around a certain grave, that of a teenager named Charles.  We would call Charles by name and conduct EVP sessions, and while we never received any vocal responses, we do always get unexplained EMF spikes near that particular gravesite.  As always, we look for any source for the EMF readings, and have found nothing to explain the readings on the meter.

     Now to the good part!  Finally, this past Halloween (2016) we made our annual visit and as we approached the archway to the cemetery I began snapping photos.  At that time, we were the only persons in this small cemetery.  While taking these photographs, I noticed nothing out of the ordinary either through the view finder or with the naked eye, but when we got home and checked our photos, we were stunned at what we captured. See the image below: 

     Look behind the bush located in the centermost of the photo.  There appears to be a person, perhaps two, standing a bit in the distance behind that bush.  The one to the right looks to have a yellowish looking hat upon its head.  I can truly and without hesitation testify that there were no other living souls in that cemetery when I snapped this photograph. Regretfully, I did not snap two consecutive photos – I have learned my lesson and now whenever I take a photo like this, I take two consecutive shots so that I can compare them.  I also did not review my photos before leaving so that I could try and replicate the scene, rather it was only after we had returned home and began reviewing the photos on the computer that we found the anomaly.  Had it not been so late at that point, I would returned to the cemetery to take another photo.  We did go back a couple of weeks later and I took multiple shots from that same vantage point, but could not replicate the image.   We also explored the area where the figure or figures appear to be standing and could not find anything that would explain the image.  Once again, I cannot say for certain that this was a spirit, however, I have no valid explanation for what it was if not a paranormal entity.  Once again, we leave it to you to decide for yourself.  Faithfully and truthfully, I am,


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